Solar Services

Solar Design

Our solar designs have been described as “The Best In the Industry” by many building departments and professionals. This is because of our extensive experience both in the design stages, as well as the installation stages of commercial and residential solar systems. Many designers have a firm understanding of “how it should be installed,” but lack the real world conditions seen in installation.  Our comprehensive designs not only aid in speeding up the permitting process, but also improve the quality and generation potential of your renewable energy system.

Installation of Photovoltaic Panels

Removal and Re-installation for Hail Damage

Hail storms can be devastating to your home and PV systems alike.  When hail takes its toll on your shingles, you will need to have qualified professionals remove your solar array and allow for roofing professionals to make the needed repairs.  Once the roof has been successfully installed, and passes inspection by the city, we can then re-install your system for energy production.  Having EBD remove and reinstall your solar array prevents unqualified persons from inevitably damaging further your system and/or home.

If the hail storm was bad enough to damage the panels themselves, it is crucial to have the broken panels removed from the system as soon as possible.  Not only can broken panels prevent your system from generating power, they are also an electrical and fire hazard.  Broken panels have been known to “shut off” whole strings of panels, or worse, catch fire to your roof and home.

So don’t wait, let us help you get your PV system back in safe and efficient operating order.