Main Panel Upgrade

What is an MPU?

Electrical Panel Upgrades are when you need to remove your old electrical panel and install a new one.  If you are replacing your Main Panel, we call them MPU’s.  If you are replacing a SubPanel, we call them SPU’s.  There are a few differences between a MPU and a SPU, but for now, let’s focus on MPU’s.

Why Would I Replace An Existing Electrical Panel?

  • Our understanding of electricity and its safe use changes over time.  New Practices and technology may not be supported in old panels.
  • Your existing panel may be a known fire hazard, and should be changed out as soon as possible. You can read more about this here: [coming soon]
  • Electrical Panels can only supply their designed maximum amount of power; which is not always enough for additional loads
  • Adding on a garage, addition, or even finishing a basement can all add significant power demands to your electrical panel.
  • The existing panel may not be compatible or insufficient for backfeeding Solar Power Generation

What Does The Process Look Like?

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