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My name is Bryan Peterson; I am the Master Electrician and Founder of Energy By Design.

Energy By Design is an innovative leader in the sustainable energy field. Dedicated to harnessing the power of the sun, we provide cutting edge Photovoltaic designs and installations for both Residential and Commercial customers. Our motto at Energy By Design is “Energy in Harmony with the Earth” and our aim is to further and promote current trends toward green energy utilization and education one home and business at a time.

EBD aims to be ahead of the curve by offering energy efficient home and business energy solutions. By making environmentally conscious electrical system upgrades and repairs, we efficiently and effectively reduce wasted energy; increasing the value of both your solar electric system and your overall energy usage.  Established in 2016, EBD is a small business focused on the community.  We want each and every project we work on to be of the highest quality; and be so precisely installed, it will be right the first time. Let us show you how this small business can provide large results.

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